Investing in our Shared Future 

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink recently made headlines with his announcement that the world’s largest money manager will weigh companies’ contributions to society as part of its calculus to invest. In today’s world, how can business leaders address pressing social issues without veering too far from their core mission or alienating a substantial segment of their investors or customers? To answer this, APCO founder and executive chairman Margery Kraus shared results from APCO Insight’s recent survey of the United States’ most informed and influential consumers about their opinions on corporate advocacy.

Recapping Davos 

The World Economic Forum recently wrapped up in Davos. To recap what was one of the most important global events of the year, APCO founder and executive chairman Margery Kraus  joined France 24 to share key takeaways; Anna Tunkel, SVP and senior director for strategic initiatives, shared insights and trends from Davos; and Ambassador Tim Roemer, a senior counselor at APCO Worldwide and the former U.S. Ambassador to India, shared three things to know from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech.


Reviewing This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is one of the most important advertising events of the year for U.S. brands. While the average 30-second spot during the big game cost more than $5 million this year, not every commercial was effective. Bill Dalbec, deputy managing director for APCO Insight, took a closer look at which commercials were best able to connect with consumers on an emotional level, elevate their brand and address their company’s values in his annual Super Bowl ad review.

Analyzing the State of Data Privacy

In recent years, the revelation of a new data breach or concerning privacy feature has dominated headlines across the country and around the globe. Today, data privacy and protection are major topics that all organizations must confront head on. To celebrate Data Privacy Day on January 28th, Kelsey Harclerode, a consultant in APCO’s Washington-based public affairs practice, shared three things to know about data privacy in 2018.

Briefly Noted

  • Kelly Stepno, a senior director in APCO’s crisis management and litigation communication practice, commented on the #MeToo moment in the Holmes Reports’ review of the top 15 crises of 2017.

Recent Research

To get a better sense of society’s expectations for corporations today, APCO Insight recently conducted a survey among hyper-aware and influential consumers in the United States. 88% of respondents agreed that solutions to today’s greatest problems facing society will rely on the resources and innovation of businesses.


For more information on our corporate advocacy survey, you can read the full report here.

Upcoming Events

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IAC Spotlight: Jim Dinegar

Jim Dinegar, the former president and CEO of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, has joined APCO Worldwide as a member of our International Advisory Council. In this “Meet the IAC” video, Jim discussed his background. He then shared three things to know about the business climate in Washington, D.C.

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