"Health is always undergoing change – what is new today, will certainly be old by tomorrow. Actors in the industry need to understand how patient preferences are evolving and driving innovation."

— Alexandra Lazorchak & James Tyrrell
APCO's Health Practice Leads

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"Companies in the business of health have their purpose built-in: they exist to generate health. The question their leaders need to ask themselves is not how do we define our purpose, but rather, how do we deliver on it?"

— Nancy Turett
Chief Health Strategist

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Is there a hopeful future for health companies?

 With stories of high costs, limited access, and a broken system overall prevalent today, one might expect public sentiment toward towards health companies to be sour. However, a recent poll by APCO Insight found reasons for hope. 

Our poll finds that two-in-three Americans believe health companies are making a positive impact on society.

What does this mean for those operating in the health space? Chrystine Zacherau, senior director for APCO Insight, shares key takeaways from the research.

Who is best prepared for the future?

We asked 18 global health and business leaders from our International Advisory Council which segment of the health care industry they see as best prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow. Half our our experts agreed that medical devices and equipment manufacturers are the most ready for the future.

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Digital's Impact
"Today, patients do not even have to step foot into a doctor’s office to receive treatment. Digital technologies, and the real-time data they provide, have the potential to enable better care and outcomes for all involved in the health care process."
- Nicole Monge, Washington


Meeting Consumer Expectations
"It is imperative for innovators in the public health, medical and scientific communities to galvanize and drive responsible action, ensuring that the interests of consumers and society are always protected.
- Stephanie Tan, Singapore


Redefining Health Care in Japan
Japan is widely regarded as a model case study for an aging society. To balance effective treatment and costs, health care is being redefined throughout the country and traditional companies are reinventing themselves.
- Seiko Indo & Mona Neuhauss, Tokyo


Debate on Capitol Hill
"When it comes to understanding the health care debate on Capitol Hill over the next few years, the guiding principle is "maybe." Maybe the two sides will come together on modest changes to federal law, or maybe they won’t.
- Bill Pierce, Washington


Employee Advocacy
"In our new reality, employee advocacy is among the most impactful ways for a company to demonstrate its humanity and live into its purpose. Health care employees are particularly well-positioned to be a bridge between a company and its audiences."
Caroline Starke, New York


Public Affairs
"There is a real and significant opportunity for bold health companies to cut through the noise and come to the table early and often with solutions that give policymakers that all too illusive “win” on health care."
- Sara Stevens, Washington


Tech's Impact in the Middle East
"With national agendas throught the region focusing on quality health care, private sector providers are positioning their technologies as critical means to creating a healthier and happier population.
- Karine Boulianne, Dubai


Mental Health Policy in the EU
"The growing digitalization of society comes with challenges. Health researchers and practitioners are increasingly looking at how digital technologies affect our health and well-being."
- Daniel Benjamens, Brussels


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